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By Erich von Däniken


Chariots of the Gods used to be instantly well-known as a piece of huge value whilst it first brought the idea that historical Earth had proven touch with aliens.

Erich von Däniken's examines old ruins, misplaced towns, spaceports, and a myriad of difficult medical proof that time to extraterrestrial intervention in human background. so much impressive of all, although, is von Däniken's conception that we're the descendants of those galactic pioneers—and he unearths the archeological discoveries that turn out it...

The dramatic discoveries and irrefutable evidence:
• An alien astronaut preserved in a pyramid
• Thousand-year-old spaceflight navigation charts
• desktop astronomy from Incan and Egyptian ruins
• A map of the land underneath the ice cap of Antarctica
• an incredible spaceport came across within the Andes

contains outstanding photographs that record mankind's first touch with extraterrestrial beings on the sunrise of civilization.

From the Paperback edition.

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It really is an absolute secret to us why the Incas cultivated cotton in Peru in 3000 B. C. even supposing they didn't comprehend or own the loom. The Mayas equipped roads, yet didn't use the wheel, even supposing they knew approximately it. the glorious five-strand necklace of eco-friendly jade within the burial pyramid of Tikal in Guatemala is a miracle. A miracle as the jade comes from China. The sculptures of the Olmecs are excellent. With their fantastically helmeted significant skulls, they could merely be renowned at the websites the place they have been stumbled on, for they're going to by no means be on convey in a museum. No bridge within the state may well stand the load of the colossi. till lately shall we in basic terms circulate smaller 'monoliths' weighing as much as fifty plenty with our sleek lifting home equipment and loaders. in basic terms now have cranes that could deal with hundreds and hundreds of lots been built. yet our ancestors may perhaps achieve this. How? It even turns out as though the traditional peoples took a unique excitement in juggling with stone giants over hill and dale. The Egyptians fetched their obelisks from Asswan, the architects of Stonehenge introduced their stone blocks from south-west Wales and Marlborough, the stonemasons of Easter Island took their ready-made monster statues from a far off quarry to their current websites and not anyone can say the place a number of the monoliths at Tiahuanaco come from. Our distant ancestors should have been queer web page 116 people; they beloved making issues tricky for themselves and consistently equipped their statues within the such a lot most unlikely locations. was once it simply because they beloved a troublesome existence? I refuse to imagine that the artists of our nice previous have been as silly as that. they can simply as simply have erected their statues and temples within the fast area of the quarries if an outdated culture had now not laid down the place their works should be sited. i'm confident that the Inca fort of Sacsayhuaman was once now not outfitted above Cuzco accidentally, yet quite simply because a practice indicated where as A holy spot. i'm additionally confident that during the entire areas the place the main historic huge constructions of mankind have been chanced on the main fascinating and demanding relics of our previous lie nonetheless untouched within the flooring, relics, additionally, that can be of great value for the extra improvement of present-day house commute. The unknown area visitors who visited our planet many hundreds of thousands of years in the past can hardly ever were much less farsighted than we predict we're at the present time. They have been confident that in the future guy might make the circulation out into the universe on his personal initiative and utilizing his personal abilities. it's a recognized historic undeniable fact that the intelligences of our planet have consistently hunted for kindred spirits, for all times, for corresponding intelligences within the cosmos. Present-day antennae and transmitters have broadcast the 1st radio impulses to unknown intelligences. after we shall obtain an answer—in ten, fifteen or 100 years—we have no idea. we don't even comprehend which superstar we should always beam our message at, simply because we don't have any thought which planet should still curiosity us such a lot. the place do our signs succeed in unknown intelligences just like people?

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