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Our Culture

Ex-Military Careers was founded in 2010 as the solution for military and service personnel, transitioning into purposeful employment. Over the last ten years, Ex-Military Careers have grown to be global leaders in high calibre military, veteran, spouse,  and reservist talent acquisition.

Ex-Military Careers is a social enterprise, specifically for the military community. We attract a diverse talent pool across the UK and US, through our platform which drives inclusivity and forward-thinking hiring.

We encourage and empower veterans to create innovative solutions, encourage organisations to retain ex-military personnel in their communities and promote veteran equality. As a not for-profit organisation, we are committed to creating an open and inclusive community, where differences are embraced to make a real impact; we enable diversity not only in the workplace but throughout wider communities.

Ex-Military Careers in partnership with Presteigne Broadcast Hire Ltd

“Ex-Military careers are delighted to be partnering with Presteigne TV over the next 12 months. We feel the veteran community will benefit greatly from this collaboration, as Presteigne TV are motivated in supporting veterans and those transitioning from the military, with purposeful career opportunities.

Presteigne TV are a market leading ‘Veteran Friendly’ employers and we are extremely excited to watch the successful transition of veterans into their workforce over the coming months and years.

To learn more about Ex-Military Careers please visit our website on: or via our page on LinkedIn.”


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