LONDON 24 Hour Line +44 (0)1293 651300   |   MANCHESTER 24 Hour Line +44 (0)161 6672620

Calrec Summa Audio Mixing Desk (24+8 Fader) With Compact Core
Link L2132 HD/SD Receiver/Decoder
2 Channel Camera Fibre Head Unit (2ru Field End for Sony Camera's Only)
360 Systems DigiCart/E Audio Player/Recorder
360 Systems DR-554E-24 Instant Replay
360 Systems Shortcut 2000
5 Channel Camera Fibre Base Station (1ru Near End for Sony Camera's Only)
AJA HD10AMA 4 Channel Audio Embedder/Deembedder
AJA HD10M3 HD-SDI/SDI Down Converter
AJA Hi5 HD/SD SDI to HDMI convertor
Alice DA6-2 Distribution Amplifier
Alice MSU10 Dual Transmission PPM Monitor
ART Dual Transformer / Isolator
Audio Cable XLR 100m
Audio Cable XLR 10m
Audio Cable XLR 15m
Audio Cable XLR 20m
Audio Cable XLR 25m
Audio Cable XLR 35m
Audio Cable XLR 50m
Audio Cable XLR 5m
Audio Cable XLR 75m
Audio-Technica AT8202 Switchable Attenuator (Pad)
Barco Folsom Image Pro-HD (SDI)
BEL 7150 Audio Synchronisation Delay (Analogue/AES)
Beyer DT 100 Headphones
Beyer DT 150 Headphones
Beyer M58 Dynamic ENG/EFP Microphone (Omni)
Black Magic Design Atem Mini Pro
Black Magic Hyperdeck Studio Pro VTR
BPU-4000 Fibre Base End*
CA-4000 Fibre Back*
Canford Audio MB-1 Microphone Booster
Canford Line Isolating Unit
Canon CN7 x 17 KAS S P1 PL Lens
Canon EOS C300 EF Camcorder
Canon HJ14x4.3 Wide Angle Lens
Canon HJ17ex7.6B ENG Lens
Canon HJ22ex7.6B ENG Lens
Canon HJ40x10B ENG Lens
Canon HJ40x14B ENG Lens
Canon UHD Digisuper - UJ86 x 9.3B Box Lens
Canon XJ100x9.3B HD Box Lens
Canon XJ25x6.8 HDTV Box Lens
Canon XJ27 DigiSuper AF
Canon XJ27x6.5B Box Lens
Canon XJ95x8.6B DigiSuper 95 Box lens
Coles 4104 Lip Microphone
CTP 5.1 Audio Ident Unit
CTP lU24 24 Channel Line Ident Unit
CTP MM12 Mix Matrix/Mix Minus Box
CTP PB2c Pot Box
CTP Pre Hear 8000
CTP SMU10 Stereo Monitor / Switcher
CTP SMU4 Edit Monitor
CTP Systems Prehear 10000 with 10 inputs
CTP VT33bs-3 Stereo Monitor
DekTec DTE-3100 IP to ASI Module
DekTec DTE-3120 ASI to IP Module
Dolby DM1000 Bitstream Analyser
Domo Broadcast ProRxB HD/SD Receiver/Decoder (8-Channel)
Dowling Design Script Card Holder
DPA 4060 Lapel Microphone Kit (Biege)
DPA 4060-BM Lapel Microphone Kit (Black)
DPA 4066 Headband Microphone (Beige)
DPA 4066-B Headband Microphone Kit (Black)
Electrovoice RE50 Hand Reporters Microphone
Evertz 1200DD Digital Clock - Red LED -2RU
Evertz 5010 Timecode Master
Evertz 5600ACO2 Dual Auto Changeover System
Evertz 5600MSC Master Clock/SPG +GP+HTG+STG+2PS+WC
Evertz 7867VIPA16-DUO-HS 16 Input Monitoring & Display Card
Evertz 7867VIPA32-DUO-HS 32 Input Monitoring & Display Card
Evertz 7867VIPA8-DUO-HS 8 Input Monitoring & Display Card
Evertz 8010TM Timecode Master
Evertz HD9010TM Timecode Generator
EVS XHub[3] Netguard Hub
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 12 Singlemode 1000m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 12 Singlemode 200m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 12 Singlemode 300m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 12 Singlemode 400m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 1000m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 100m
  • £80.00 per day
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 200m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 25m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 300m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 400m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 500m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 60m
Fibre Optic Cable Tac 4 Singlemode 700m
Fostex 6301B Self Powered Speaker
Genelec 8020A Active Speaker
Genelec 8030A Active Speaker
Genelec 8050A Active Speaker
Glensound Atomic Copper 29T Twin Digital Hybrid TBU
GoPro HD Hero 2 Camera
GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Camera
GoPro HD Hero 4 Camera
Harris DL 860 HD/SD Legalizer
K & M Banquet Stand
K & M Microphone Stand
Leitch GPI-164P Remote General Purpose Interface
Leitch GPI-32P Remote General Purpose Interface - 1RU
Leitch Integrator Gold 128x128 HD/SD-SDI Video Router
Leitch RCP-16x16IDE LCD Remote panel with Ethernet
Leitch RCP-16x1IDE LCD Remote Panel with Ethernet
Leitch RCP-16x1P Remote Panel
Leitch RCP-32x1IDE LCD Remote Panel with Ethernet
Leitch RCP-32x1P Remote Panel
Leitch RCP-32x8P Remote Panel
Leitch RCP-64x1IDE LCD Remote Panel with Ethernet
Leitch RCP-64x1P Remote Panel
Leitch RCP-ABA1-XYp XY Control Panel
Leitch RCP-ABA2EXYp X-Y Control Panel
Leitch RCP-GPI32P Contact Closure Interface
Leitch X85 Convertor (Selino X85)
Lexicon MXP1 Multi Effects Processor
Link L1700 Wireless Transmitter
Lynx Technik ORX 1802 LC Yellobrik 3Gbit SDI to Fibre Optic Receiver with PSU
Lynx Technik OTX 1812 LC Yellobrik 3Gbit SDI to Fibre Optic Transmitter with PSU
Mackie CR1604VLZ 16/4 Mixing Console
Manfrotto Magic Arm & Super Clamp
Marshall CV 500 M HD Minicamera
Miller Arrow 40 Tripod Complete Kit
Motorola GP340 Radio Kit
Neumann KK 105 S Condenser Mic Head (Super-cardioid)
Neve 33609J Compressor/Limiter
OTTO V4 Noise Cancelling Headset for GP300/340
Panasonic AG-HPX500 P2 Camcorder
Panasonic AJ-HPG10E Field P-2 Card reader/writer with LCD screen
Panasonic AW-HS50 Compact Live Switcher
Presteigne High Power Radio Microphone System
Presteigne Wired ENG Kit
Prodys Pronto 3 ISDN Audio Codec
Prospect C12LX Mix Minus Matrix
Prospect C1B Beltpack Talkback Unit with Headset
Prospect C1D Single 4 Wire Talk Back Box
Prospect C6R Talkback Unit with Mic & Headset
Prospect CMU21 Commentators Kit
Riedel ECP-1016E Expansion Control Panel
Riedel RCP-1012E Remote Control Panel
Ronford Rolling Spider
Ross Ultrix 1RU Up 16x16 3G Router
RSS Roland Digital Snake Kit
Sachtler Baby Legs
Sachtler Video 20 Tripod
Sachtler Video 25 Tripod
Sennheiser 416P Phantom Powered Microphone
Sennheiser 418 S MS Stereo Phantom Powered Microphone
Sennheiser AC 2 IEM Transmitter Combiner
Sennheiser AC 3000 8-way IEM TX Combiner
Sennheiser Antenna Combiner (7 x I/P, 6 x O/P)
Sennheiser EK 300 IEM Receiver
Sennheiser EK 3241 Battery Receiver
Sennheiser EM 1046 Diversity Receiver Module
Sennheiser EM 1046 MF 8-Way Receiver Rack
Sennheiser EM 1046 MF 8-Way Receiver Rack (Populated)
Sennheiser EM 203 MF 3-Way Receiver Rack
Sennheiser EM 3732 Dual Diversity Receiver
Sennheiser HD 25-1 Headphones
Sennheiser HMD 25-1 Headset
Sennheiser MD 46 Dynamic Microphone (cardioid)
Sennheiser MKE2-4 Gold Tie Clip Microphone
Sennheiser MKH 60 P48 Rifle Microphone
Sennheiser MKH 70 P48 Rifle Microphone
Sennheiser SK 5212 Beltpack Transmitter
Sennheiser SKM 5200 Handheld Transmitter
Sennheiser SKP 3000 Plug-On Transmitter
Sennheiser SR 300 IEM Transmitter
Shure A15AS Switchable In-line Attenuator
Shure SM58 Hand Microphone
Simply Live Vibox 16 with Dual Screen Capability
SMPTE Fibre Cable 100m
SMPTE Fibre Cable 150m
SMPTE Fibre Cable 200m
SMPTE Fibre Cable 25m
SMPTE Fibre Cable 300m
SMPTE Fibre Cable 500m
SMPTE Fibre Cable 50m
Sonifex DHY-03S Digital Telephone Hybrid
Sonifex DHY-03T Digital Telephone Hybrid
Sony AXS-A512S24 512 GB Card
Sony ECM-77B Tie Clip Microphone
Sony ECM-88B Tie Clip Microphone
Sony HDC-2500 Camera Head Only
Sony HDC-P1 HD POV Camera (with RCP-1500)
Sony HDCU-2000 HD CCU (Full-rack)
Sony HDCU-2500 HD CCU (Half-rack)
Sony HDR-AS15 Action Camcorder
Sony HDTX-200 / HDFX-200 Triax Fibre Converter
Sony HDVF-EL75 HD 7.4
Sony HDW-D2000 High Definition VTR
Sony HDW-M2000 High Definition VTR
Sony HKC-T1500 Split Block Adaptor
Sony NEX-FS700 Large Sensor HD Camcorder
Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD422 Camcorder
Sony PDW-F1600 XDCAM HD422 Disc Recorder
Sony PDW-U2 XDCAM External USB Drive Unit
Sony PVM-1741 17-inch Professional OLED Picture Monitor
Sony PVM-2541 25
Sony RCP-1500 Remote Control Panel
Sony SBP-128B 128GB SxS Pro+ Media Card
Sound Devices 744T Portable 4-Track Audio Recorder
Sound Devices MM-1 Single Channel Microphone Preamplifier
Sound Devices MP-1 Mic Preamplifier
SQN-5S PPM Portable Audio Mixer
SystemBase C310XR ISDN Audio Codec
Taylor UHF 1W Power Amp
Tecpro AD903 2-4 wire
Tektronix WFM700 HD Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WFM7100 High Definition Waveform Monitor
Telecast Copperhead 3400 Camera Mountable Fibre Optic System
Telecast Fibre Optics Adder 162 System
Telex ADAM Comms 144x144 Matrix (272x272)
Telex/RTS BP325 Dual Channel Beltpack
Telex/RTS Cronus 32x32 Digital Matrix Intercom
Telex/RTS EKP-32 Expansion Panel
Telex/RTS HR-2R Heavy Duty Headset
Telex/RTS KP-12L Keypanel
Telex/RTS KP32 Keypanel
Telex/RTS PS15 Power Supply (Rack)
Telex/RTS PS31 2-wire Power Supply
Telex/RTS SSA324 System Interface
Telex/RTS SSA424 System Interface
Triax Cable 100m
Triax Cable 10m
Triax Cable 200m
Triax Cable 25m
Triax Cable 50m
Triax Cable 5m
TSL AMUT-2MHD Digital Audio Monitoring Unit
TSL PAM2-3G16 Dolby Audio Monitoring Unit
TSL TM2 Tallyman
Videotek TVM 900 Waveform Monitor
Vinten 3369-57 Tracking Skid
Vinten 34017-1A Scaff Clamp with 4x Bolts
Vinten 3574 Osprey Elite Pedestal with OB or Studio Skid
Vinten Heavy Duty Skid for Vector Head
Vinten Osprey Elite OB Skid 3573-3B
Vinten Osprey Elite Studio Skid 3573-3C
Vinten Rolling Spider
Vinten Vector 430 Flat Base Tripod (Head only)
Vinten Vector-750 Heavy Duty Tripod
Vinten Vision 100 Tripod Kit
Vinten Vision 250 Medium Tripod with Flat Base Head
Vislink HEROCast
Wisycom MCR-42-M-EL2 UHF Twin Diversity Reciever
Wohler AMP1-S8MDA HD/SD/Anl 8 Chan Audio Mon
XTA DS800 Active Mic/Line Distribution System
Yamaha 01V96 Digital Audio Mixer
Yamaha DM2000 Digital Mixer
Yamaha SPX2000 Multi Effects Processor
4-Way Tait & Procom Combiner System
8 Way Wisycom IEM Touring Package
AJA FS4 -2k/UHD Processor
AJA KI-PRO - Portable ProRes File Recorder (with 250GB storage)
Audio Assist High Power Radio Mic (1Watt)
Calrec AES - Hydra2 interface 32in/32out JB5962
Calrec Analogue - Hydra2 interface 24in/8out AD5781
Calrec Analogue - Hydra2 interface 32in/32out AE5743
  • POA
Calrec Dante Hydra Card
Calrec Dual Madi - Hydra2 interface JM5736
Calrec MADI Hydra Card
Calrec Modular I/O box with Dante and MADI I/O
Canon CJ12
Canon CJ20
Canon CJ25ex7.6B 4K UHD Lens
Canon CJ45
Canon HJ24
Canon UJ86
Cinedeck RX2
Cinedeck ZX 45
CTP Systems DC2012 3 Person Commentary Kit
CTP Systems DIO88 Dante - Analogue Interface
CTP Systems Prehear 1020
Direct Out Andiamo 32 Analogue - MADI Interface
Direct Out Andiamo2 XT SRC Analogue/AES - MADI Interface
Direct Out M1k2 MADI Router
Direct Out Split.Converter - 4x SC  MM Optical
Domo Broadcast 7GHz Downconverter
Domo Broadcast Downconverter (2-2.5GHz)
DPA 6066 Core Headset Microphone - Beige
DPA 6066 Core Headset Microphone - Black
DPA SCO60S Slimline Lapel Microphone
EVS XT[3] 8 Channel HD/SD Hard Disk Recorder (GIGE + 12 x 900 Gb)
Fel Mini Micbooster
Fomex FL-1200 Kit
Genelec 8040A
Glensound GSGC5G ISDN Mixer
Grass Valley EyeCatcher EC 744
Grass Valley OCP400
Grass Valley XCU UNIVERSE UXF Camera Control Unit
Hytera PD785 Digital/Analogue (DMR) Radio Handset
Hytera RD985 Digital/ Analogue (DMR) Radio Base Station
Leitch Panacea 16x16 HD/SD-SDI Video Router
Leitch Panacea 32x32 HD/SD-SDI Video Router
Marshall V-MD171-HD 17
Motorola GM360 Mobile Radio UHF
Motorola GP344 Portable Radio UHF
Odyssey 7Q+
Panasonic AV-HS450 HD/SD Multi Format Switcher (SG)
Panasonic AW-HE130 Full-HD Professional PTZ Camera
Presteigne Helicopter Communication Kit GM360 UHF
Procom 4-way Radio Talkback Combiner System
Procom Bandpass Filter 450MHz - Talkback
Procom Co-linear 5dB 450MHz - Talkback
RFIndustries Cavity Filter 450MHz - Talkback
RTS Telex ADAM-M Intercom Matrix
RTS Telex AIO16 Analogue Card
RTS Telex DKP 4016
RTS Telex KP 4016
RTS Telex KP 5032
RTS Telex MADI 32 Card
RTS Telex MADI 64 Card
RTS Telex OMI64 OMNEO Card
RTS Telex RVON16
Sennheiser A1031 Passive Omnidirectional Antenna
Sennheiser A12 Active Directional Antenna
Sennheiser A2003 Passive Directional Antenna
Sennheiser EK2000 IEM Receiver
Sennheiser MKH 8050 Super Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Sennheiser MKH 8070 Long Shotgun Microphone
Sennheiser SR2000 IEM Transmitter
Sonifex AVN Grandmaster PTP Clock
Sonifex Redbox DDA6W 6 Way Word Clock Distribution Amplifier
Sony ECM-680S Stereo Shotgun Microphone
Sony HDC-2500 Camera Channel (with RCP-1500 and HDCU-2500)
Sony MVS-3000A Multi-Format Vision Mixer
Sony PMW-F55 Live Broadcast Option Kit
Sony PWS-110MG
Sony PWS-110PR1
Sony PWS-4500
Sony PWSK-4403
Sony PXW-Z450 Camcorder
Sony SBP-128B 128GB SxS Pro+ Media Card
Sony XDCAM PXW-FS7 II Camcorder
Sound Devices 664
Sound Devices HX-3 Headphone Amplifier
Studio Technologies 5422 Dante Audio Engine 32 Channel
Studio Technologies M374A 4 Channel Dante Beltpack
Systembase C510ip ISDN and IP Codec
Tait TB7100 Radio Talkback Base Station
Tektronix WFM5000 HD Multistandard Multiformat Compact Waveform Monitor
Tektronix WVR7100 HD SDI Waveform Rasteriser + Opt
Telex/RTS KP32 with RVON1
Telex/RTS PAP32
TRS 8 Element Yagi Antenna 450 MHz  - Talkback
TRS Co-Linear 3dB 450MHz - Talkback
TRS Co-Linear 6dB 500 - 700MHz - Radio Mics & IEMS
VIBOX 6 with Dual Screen Capability
Vistek V6811 HD-SDI/SD-SDI Valid8 Test Signal Generator with Embedded Audio Only
Vistek V6812 Valid8 Generator Ext Audio Module
Vistek V6821 HD/SD SDI Valid8 Reader with Embedded Audio
Wisycom CSA121T 2to1 Combiner
Wisycom CSI16T 16 Way Combiner
Wisycom MPR 50 IEM Receiver
Wisycom MTK952N Dual IEM Transmitter
Wohler iAM Audio-2-DANTE/MADI/SDI/AES/Analogue Audio Monitor
Yamaha DM1000VCM Digital Audio Mixer 48 Channel
Yamaha LS9-16 Digital Audio Mixer 32 Channel
Yamaha MY16-AE 16 Channel AES Input/Output Card
Yamaha MY16-EX 16 Channel MADI Expansion Card
Yamaha MY16-MD64 Master 16 Channel MADI Card
Yamaha MY8 AD96 8 Channel Analogue Input Card
Yamaha MY8-DA96 8 Channel Analogue Output Card

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