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Wireless Video

Our team can design solutions with the latest RF technology from the leading vendors, transforming coverage and putting wireless cameras wherever you want them even over a wide area.

If you have an idea – or want to know if an idea is even feasible – talk to us and we will offer a solution. If you want to put miniature cameras on bicycles or on the neck of a guitar; if you want to get into the middle of dance action or create stunning tracking shots in drama, call and talk to us.

We deliver excellence on time, every time – and we relish a challenge!

One of the most powerful boosts to creativity in television production in recent times is the freedom of the camera, to let it roam wherever and whenever it’s needed. And wireless camera technology gives you that ability!

Often associated with sport, most of us are quite used to seeing wireless cameras running up and down a touchline, but they’re now a vital part of the coverage of entertainment, concerts, elections, state events and much more. Some productions could not be brought live without the use of RF equipment being deployed in many ways to capture the action.

Specialist Cameras

With today’s intense production schedules, we know how important it is for your project to have the right cameras that not only to deliver the original content idea but conquer the operational challenges that limit usability.

We want to supply the specialist cameras that you need. Our in-house and external fabrication capabilities are driven by engineers who have a vast knowledge of outside broadcast and live events.

Typically operating hand-in-hand with wireless video equipment, our specialist camera department focuses on providing innovative camera solutions to deliver creative reliable content time after time.

From PTZ cameras for in-goal solutions to small head mounted POV cameras, we can work closely with you and your project to provide a solution for your needs. Even if we haven’t got resolution ready-made solution on the shelf, our close ties with manufacturers and their research and development divisions can help create the perfect answer whatever your requirements.

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