Wireless RF

Special Projects Department

From dry hire equipment to complex specialist wireless projects, Presteigne’s Special Projects department have been at the centre of some of the biggest, smallest and most interesting television and film productions around the world.

The team has in-depth experience with regularly providing camera systems for Premier League football matches, through to deploying the newest IP Mesh technology to enhance coverage and workflows for The Boat Race, the Special Projects department is prepared to take on some of the most interesting challenges and provide the best quality product to enable value-added production.


At the root of our technology is the “Clip-on” system. A video transmitter and receiver pair is the fundamental base of all of our wireless video systems. This system can be enhanced in a wide variety of manners to suit production requirements:

Antennas can be extended through fibre-optic remote systems.

Telemetry systems enable optimum camera colourimetry matching for multi-camera production.

ASI and IP transport solutions can significantly extend systems across towns, cities and countries.

IP MESH products enhance the flexibility of usage areas for both return vision and telemetry systems.


Presteigne’s team are passionate about the progression of technology. From some of the first wireless cameras through to the latest multi-site coverage, the Special Projects department will take existing products and, working closely with manufacturers, will morph them into reliable systems designed for broadcast solutions. Where products do not exist, the team will develop the technology – with some fantastic successes over the history of the company.


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